Presentation 2017

General information

The tournament takes place at the Lycée Georges Guérin in Neuilly from the 15th to 17th of April 2017.

Paris Go Tournament is one of the European Grand Prix with Bonus Point Tournaments Level B. It give two qualificative place to Grand Prix and 12, 9, 6, 4, 2 et 1 points to the 6 first european eligible players.

All players, including those who have already paid, must present themselves at the tournament venue before noon on the 15th of April to confirm their participation in the first round.

Neither smoking nor drinking alcohol is permitted at the tournament venue.

Please preregister here.


The standard registration fee is €30, if paid in advance. The fee for Juniors (those under 18 years old the first day of the tournament) is €20. The fee is increased by €10 if the payment is made after April 2nd, 2017.

Payment before april 2nd Payment after april 2nd
Junior 20 € 30 €
Standard 30 € 40 €


The tournament is a six-round McMahon H-1 go tournament. Games will be played according to French rules. Each player will be given 1 hour 30 minutes with Canadian byo-yomi of 5 minutes for 15 stones. A komi of 7.5 points is given to white.

Players resident in France must have a “competition” membership of the French Go Federation.

Players have to fill and sign the result sheet at the end of their game and put it in the result box provided for this purpose.

The organisers will form the top group using a Mac Mahon bar. Each game in the top group is played with no handicap.

The player taking White gets to choose where the clock is placed, unless that player arrives late. If a player is absent, after the scheduled beginning of the round their opponent may start the clock.

A forfeit will be declared after one hour for any player not present at their game. The forfeited player is automatically unregistered for the next rounds until they contact tournament officials to re-register (for free).


Saturday, April 15
10:30 Registration opens
12:00 Registration closes
12:30 Beginning of the tournament
13:00 First round
17:00 Second round
Sunday, April 16
9:00 Third round
13:30 Fourth round
Monday, April 17
09:00 Fifth round
13:30 Sixth round
17:30 Awards and closing ceremony




The tournament gives prizes for the top eight players.

1st €1000
2nd €500
3rd €250
4th €150
5th €150
6th €100
7th €100
8th €50

Also, all players with at least four wins will be also rewarded as follow :

6 wins €80
5 wins €40
4 wins gift